17 May 2008


The world has seemed a little harsh lately.

How come grownups play games with each other? Not fun games. We all know that we are following all these stupid rules and mind tricks. Can't we just all say we are sick of it, cut the bullshit, and be real with each other?

A friend told me yesterday that love is just a game. I don't buy it. I can't buy it.

I absolutely refuse to acknowledge that it is all about winning and losing. Because you must learn something along the way, right? You just must.

And I don't understand how people can be so downright cruel to each other. Don't you get it that we are all just as scared and insecure as you are? Being an ass to somebody doesn't put you in a better situation, it just puts the other person in a worse situation. Is that really what you want your contribution to the world to be? I think people hurt others because they are scared of getting hurt. But how come some people don't? How come some people use kindness and some people use malice?

I don't get it. I think I'm turning into a Dharma Bum.

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